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摘要: 高考英语常考重点介词和介词短语in和throughthroughadv.通过;径直;自始至终;(电话)接通;完全prep.穿过;凭借;一......
adj.直达的;直通的;贯穿的;完成的;结束的 get through 通过,干完,接通电话 
go through 审阅,检查,学习 
see through 识破 
pull through 渡过危机,康复
look through 翻阅,看一遍,仔细查看
put…through 接通电话
check through 核对
prep.在 ... 里;在 ... 地方;在 ... 期间;在 ... 方面;进入...里面;处于...状态;穿着...;以...的方式

break in 强制进入,插话


bring in 引进,使得到收入 
call in 召集,来访
cut in 插入 
drop in 拜访
fill in 填写 
get in 收获,进入
give in 让步
hand in 上交
join in 参加
look in 来访,参观
persist in 坚持
result in 导致 
succeed in 在……获成功
take in 接纳,吸收,改小
prep.关于;... 的(表所属);出身于;由于 approve of 赞成
become of 发生……情况
complain of 抱怨  
consist of 由……组成  
die of 死于
dream of 梦到
hear of 听说
speak of 谈到
think of 想到

Is the “Go to College”Message Overdone?
Even in a weak job market, the old college try isn’t the answer for everyone. A briefing paper from the Brookings Institution warns that “we may have overdone the message” on college, senior fellow Isabel Sawhill said.
“We’ve been telling students and their families for years that college is the only way to succeed in the economy and of course there’s a lot of truth to that,” Ms. Sawhill said. “On average it does pay off ...But if you load up on a whole lot of student debt and then you don’t graduate, that is a very bad situation.”
One comment that people often repeat among the years of slow job growth has been the value of education for landing a job and advancing in a career. April’s national unemployment rate stood at 7.5%, according to the Labor Department. The unemployment rate for high­school graduates over 25 years old who hadn’t attended college was 7.4%, compared with 3.9% for those with a bachelor’s degree or more education. The difference is even bigger among those aged 16~24. The jobless rate for those with only a high school diploma in that age group is about 20%. At the same time, recent research by Canadian economists cautions that a college degree is no guarantee of promising employment.
Ms. Sawhill pointed out that among the aspects that affect the value of a college education is the field of one’s major:Students in engineering or other sciences end up earning more than ones who major in the arts or education. The cost of tuition and the availability of financial aid are other considerations, with public institutions generally a better financial bargain than private ones.
She suggested two avenues for improving the situation: increasing vocational (职业的) technical training programs and taking a page from Europe’s focus on early education rather than post­secondary learning. “The European countries put a little more attention to getting people prepared in the primary grades,” she said. “Then they have a higher bar for whoever goes to college — but once you get into college, you’re more likely to be highly subsidized (资助).”
She also is a supporter of technical training — to teach students how to be plumbers, welders and computer programmers — because “employers are desperate” for workers with these skills.
1.People usually think that__________.
A.the cost of technical schooling is a problem
B.one will not succeed without a college degree
C.technical skills are most important for landing a job
D.there is an increased competition in getting into a college
2.What does the underlined part “taking a page from” mean?
A.Hearing from.   B.Changing from.     C.Differing from.   D.Learning from.
3.What can we infer from the passage?
A.Public institutions charge more for education.
B.European universities are stricter with students.
C.Students with certain skills are in great demand.
D.Canadian students prefer to major in engineering.
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